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Explore the Ocean with Argo: Site Map



Explore the Ocean with Argo
Introduction to Argo floats and how they are used to increase our understand the oceans.

View the floats in Google Earth
How to view the Argo floats in Google Earth

Understanding Argo data
Hints on what to look out for in the Argo profiles and sections. How to download the data from individual floats

An Argo tour of the world
The main ocean regions; how their characteristics and dynamics may be studied using Argo floats and other information.

How Argo data is used
Argo applications in ocean forecasting, research, climate predictions, and Earth Observation.

A brief history of Argo
A history of early profiling floats and the development of the Argo programme

European Argo programmes
Information about the Euro-Argo partner programmes and Argo-related research in different countries.
Links to Google Earth files of floats from each country.

Links to other web sites

Using Argo in youth education
Information for teachers and youth leaders, with activity ideas, experiments, worksheets and suggestions for how to link Argo to the school curriculum.

Link to the main Euro-Argo project website.