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Data sets for Google Earth

  Argo data   Satellite data   Ocean currents
  Analysis data and ocean model output   Bathymetry (depth and seafloor relief)    


Argo float data

All active Argo floats (link): The 'STATUS' data file is updated daily and provides the latest information on float positions. Included in balloons for individual floats is background information on the float, its owner, float life and data plots. There are also links to data centres from which to download the float data.

  Google Earth screenshot
All active Argo floats

Selected Argo floats (link): The Euro-Argo selection of floats is designed to provide data from key regions of the ocean, highlight its importance for climate in different parts of the world, and explore how the physical ocean environment affects life in the ocean. The float selection is updated monthly, and includes links to data plots, data downloads, hints on data interpretation, and background information to relate the Argo measurements to wider issues.

Google Earth screenshot
Selected Argo floats
Satellite data

Data sets available here may include sea surface temperature, sea surface height, ocean colour, wind and waves.

Ocean Currents

Ocean Currents and Sea Surface Temperature (link): This data set contains arrows indicating the main ocan currents overlaid on a map of sea surface temperature (SST) from all available satellite data. The map, provided by the UK Met Office OSTIA project, is updated daily in near realtime.

  Google Earth screenshot
SST and ocean currents

Analysis data and ocean model output

Data from the Met Office FOAM model expected in Autumn 2009

Other ocean data

A range of other data sets to display with the floats


Link to the main Euro-Argo project website.